What Can I Do If My Ex Refuses to Comply With Our Parenting Time Schedule?

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An occasional late dropoff or pickup of the kids is one thing, but if your ex is constantly ignoring the rules of your parenting time schedule that needs to be addressed. The agreement is in place for a reason, and when your ex does not comply they are affecting your own relationship with your children. If you are ready to hold your ex accountable for their actions, a Memphis, Tennessee child visitation lawyer from our firm is ready to assist you.

What is Considered Noncompliance With a Parenting Time Schedule?

If your ex does something that affects your time with your children or makes a move that allows them to shirk their own parental responsibilities, they are likely in violation of your parenting time schedule. Common issues include:

  • Not showing up on time to take the kids for their visitation days
  • Dropping kids off late after visitation time has ended
  • Taking kids out of state or town without ample notice
  • Keeping your child from you during your visitation time
  • Making legal decisions without consulting you
  • Picking up kids from school when it is not their day for visitation
  • Attempting to alienate you from your child

If your ex is doing any of these things on a consistent basis, you have legal options.

What Are My Legal Options If My Ex Violates the Parenting Time Schedule?

Your first step should be to talk to your ex. If you two can come to an understanding on your own, that can save a lot of time and cause less stress for you and your children. If this does not work out, mediation may be required. If that does not work, you may have to go to court.

A judge will generally only hear your case if the violations of the parenting time schedule are severe and common. Just having an occasional issue with your ex is not enough. If the judge sees things your way, they can:

Modify the custody agreement: They can make temporary or permanent changes to who gets the children and when.

Charge your ex criminally: It is not uncommon for a parent to be held in contempt if they repeatedly ignore a parenting time schedule.

Order financial restitution: If your ex does not show up for visits, you have to pay more for childcare. The judge can force your ex to reimburse you for those expenses.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

You do not need a lawyer to file a motion, but an experienced family lawyer from our firm can do a lot to help you. We can help you document everything and build a compelling case, showing that your ex has repeatedly violated the parenting time schedule and that they must be held accountable for it.

Reach Out to Our Law Firm

If your ex continues to ignore your parenting time schedule, you need to show them that this is no longer an option. Contact Rice Law and we can help you make sure that your ex is holding up their end of the custody and visitation agreements.