Memphis, Tennessee Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence Lawyer Memphis Tennessee

Victims of domestic violence and those falsely accused of domestic violence can turn to an experienced, compassionate Memphis, Tennessee domestic violence lawyer from Rice Law in their time of need. Contact us today so we can begin working towards the positive outcome you deserve.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee | Protecting You & Your Family During Your Divorce

Violence within the family (domestic violence) is much more common than many of us believe. Each year, this occurs in 3–4 million families. Divorces often bring on an increase in such violence; fifty (50) percent of serious assaults occur at or after the point of separation or divorce.

If there has been any violence in your family, we need to talk about that before anything is filed in court. Together, we need to determine whether an injunction or protective order is needed to protect you or your children from future violence. Many spouses will simply stay away if such an order has been issued. Even if your spouse will not obey the order, it will help the police to physically remove your spouse if you can show the order to them.

If you need to go into any sort of “safe house” to protect yourself or your children from violence, tell us about this before you do so. We need to take steps in court so that your spouse cannot convince the judge you are kidnapping the children. No matter your circumstances, you should hire an experienced Memphis, Tennessee family law attorney who can help ensure you and your family are protected.

Facing Accusations of Domestic Violence

Child abuse is disgusting. It is often an example of the weak being victimized by the strong. A false allegation of child abuse is just as disgusting. Both do damage that can continue through a family for generations.

If there are allegations about your committing domestic abuse toward your spouse or children during the marriage, you need to tell us about it so that we can prepare to deal with that issue. There is a good likelihood that your spouse will parade these allegations before the court. If you are innocent, we need to organize our proof to defend you. If this happened, there may be an explanation about why things happened, such as your spouse was hitting you and you defended yourself. If you committed abuse, you need to get counseling and stop the abuse.

Abuse can be clear-cut or questionable. In some cases, one person’s abuse is another person’s discipline. Some experts, such as a psychologist, can be helpful, while some can make the problem worse.

If the police come, you must be calm. Even if you called the police, they will arrest the person they consider to be the “aggressor.” If you are yelling or trying to get at your spouse, then the police will be more likely to see you as the aggressor. Yelling at the police increases your likelihood of being arrested even more.

Contact a Memphis, Tennessee Domestic Violence Lawyer

Rice Law can help you navigate the serious and sensitive topic of domestic violence during your divorce proceedings. Whether you need an attorney who can help get you to safety and have a restraining order placed against an abuser or you are facing false accusations of domestic abuse, our firm is here to help. Contact our Memphis family lawyers at (901) 526-6701 or online today so we can begin working on your case.

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