Client Testimonials


Allison C.

"This review is for anyone who has been gaslighted and confused by their own reality. Nick has been the big brother and protector I needed. With my previous lawyer I had lost all fight and was so desperate for someone to actually see me. I walked into his office and he saw me…and I knew he saw me and my situation for what it truly was. He fought for me and my children…my boys will know his name. He is worth every penny."- Allison C.

Deandrea F.

"Nick Rice and Chelsea Knox was the best legal team I’ve ever worked with. They helped me tremendously as I navigated through the unfamiliar divorce process. They were very encouraging, professional and knowledgeable. The entire Rice team has compassion for their clients. I am forever grateful. If you want a team that delivers stellar results Nick Rice and team is the firm for you. Thank you."- Deandrea F.

Leeann H.

"The team at Rice Law far exceeded my expectations. Their expertise and attention to detail is top notch. I am so pleased with my choice to retain Jessica Ferrante. Her professionalism and dedication to my case was truly a blessing. She was always available and knowledgeable and guided me through a difficult time in my life with ease and kind-heartedness. She is an incredible attorney, but above all, she is a good person...a rare quality these days! Even though my case didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, I know without a doubt that Jessica and her team did absolutely everything they could for me. Now, I can move forward with my life with peace of mind and no regrets! Nobody likes hiring an attorney, but if you find yourself in that situation, please know that you are really hiring priceless friends at Rice Law!"- Leeann H.

Patty C.

"I recently worked with Jessica Ferrante and her staff as I was working through a divorce. I am living in another state so all of our transactions were completed through mail and email. Everything worked out wonderfully. Jessica and her staff handled everything for me. I was always informed and kept up to date on every item, no matter how large or small. I am so appreciative of everything and how well everything was handled. I highly recommend Jessica Ferrante."- Patty C.

Russell P.

"Nick was able to solve a legal problem I was having with just 1 phone call. I had been getting the run around for weeks before I called him. He is extremely efficient and professional."- Russell P.

Gary T.

"Nick and Chelsea were wonderful to have working on my side. My case was terrible in that the other side was bound and determined to eat up all I had in legal fees for no other reason than to be vicious. Nick forced their hand into mediation early to bring it to an end. That hearing for court ordered mediation probably saved no telling how much. I never felt like I was being fleeced like the opposition was doing to my former spouse. The best thing was Nick dug in and got her to eat her own legal bills (every penny). You just aren't going to find better representation that will be as fair and professional as this firm."- Gary T.

Jackie M.

"Nick & his team were professional, reliable and responsive throughout the entire process of my divorce. I felt confident that I was in good hands the entire time. I would absolutely recommend them to a family member or a friend."- Jackie M.

Paul T.

"Nick and Jessica really helped me when it looked like my divorce would never end with my prior Attorney. They stepped in and brought it to a quick close. Nick's team was professional and very responsive to all my needs. I highly recommend them for your divorce."- Paul T.

Jonathan F.

"I have used Nick on multiple Family Law situations. He helped me during my divorce and child custody years ago and I could not ask for better. He knows the law and is excellent in the courtroom. Nick really does care about the best interest of his clients. I hired Nick a second time this year dealing with a child relocation case. Again he is a professional with family law. He will fight to the very end and not let anything slip through the cracks. He was able to get me everything I wanted and more. If you are in the unfortunate position to need a family lawyer do yourself a favor hire this man, there is no one else I would trust to handle child custody, relocation and divorce! Period! Thank you Nick!!!"- Jonathan F.

Brandon P.

"I always felt like Nick and Chelsea treated me not just as a case, but as an individual. The handling of such a delicate matter installed a true trust and honest relationship. Nick's knowledge of the law and his confidence in his practice put me at ease. I would recommend this team to anyone needing a Family Law attorney."- Brandon P.

Craig R.

"Larry is the type of lawyer that other lawyers seek out to advise them about law practice. He has been considered the top divorce lawyer in Memphis for as long as I have been practicing. I highly recommend this attorney and his firm."- Craig R.

Susan T.

"Never thought I would be a divorcee, but I am truly thankful Larry Rice and his team represented me. The process was painful on a personal level, but the actual legal process was handled with great care and expertise. Larry, Erin, Susan & Linsey gained my trust quickly and my utmost respect --- a BIG shout out to y'all!!! I couldn't have had better representation! THANK YOU!!!"- Susan T.

Scott C.

"Absolute professionals in every aspect with a true personal touch. The best experience I have ever had with an attorney (Jessica). I will never use another firm again! I highly recommend them!"- Scott C.

Stephen G.

"The attorneys at Rice Family Law are very professional and attentive. Explained the process and held my hand throughout it all. Faith Sanford was a Godsend. Would highly recommend this law firm and this attorney"- Stephen G.

Adam L.

"The Rice Law Firm is one of the most professional & efficient businesses or firms I have ever worked with! Nick and Faith worked with me to find the optimal resolution for my case and my family."- Adam L.

Cyndy M.

"I highly recommend the Rice Divorce Team. Nick Rice did a great job for me when I was going through the most difficult of times. I felt like I was in good hands. He was able to settle in mediation for me and help me to move on to the second half of my life. Thank you."- Cyndy M.

Val B.

"One of the best decisions that I’ve ever made was stepping foot into Divorce Attorney Nick Rice’s office. He was so attentive, kind and respectful. I felt so confident when going to court with him. His brilliancy, attention to detail and professionalism continued to uplift me as my case progressed. He has always shown me compassion & kindness. The entire Rice team has a general concern for my well-being and has treated me like family. For that I am totally grateful. If you want an exceptional lawyer who exhibits stellar & winning results, Attorney Nick Rice is the man for you!"- Val B.

John O.

"I do not usually leave reviews but I decided to after my experience and felt it necessary to share what a very professional and good team that you have surrounding you at your firm. It is a very daunting process to first decide that you are going to proceed with a divorce, next finding the proper lawyer to represent you, and then actually following through with it. While being very nervous, naive, and frankly scared, I interviewed several firms during the consultation period and from the first meeting with Nick I felt that I could trust him to guide me in the right direction through my divorce and protect my assets that I have worked so hard for. After deciding to choose you all to represent me, I quickly learned that Linsey, works very hard and is very thorough in everything she does. She was on time with all documents against deadlines and stayed true to every word of what she said she was going to do. I must say that after talking with several friends in search of guidance on how to choose the right lawyer, none of them gave good advice on the processes of going through a divorce and all gave lawyers a bad representation. They all said that lawyers will drag it out in court and are just looking to fight and rack up fees for their own benefit. Both of you proved all of them wrong because you paid attention to my concerns and what I wanted out of my divorce so I thank you for this. I never felt like I was being strung along just to delay the process for your own benefit and I never felt like I was mislead in any way. I truly believe that it is these attributes of your firm that made my divorce go through much smoother than I had ever expected and why Rice, Amundsen, Caper have the reputation it has. I feel victorious in the outcome and I hope that I don't ever have to contact you all again! Again thank you for all of your hard work."- John O.

Amy L.

"The entire team at Rice Law is amazing!! I feel like I not only got support legally but also that everyone sincerely cared about what I was going through and the struggles that come with divorce. Would recommend Rice Law to anyone!!"- Amy L.


"I took a CLE from Larry and he has practice and career defining potential for anyone who will give him a day of their time. I've also observed him practicing in court and he's an extremely competent lawyer who lives up to his billing."- David

Joan L.

"Mr. Rice is an attorney of honor and integrity. I am being treated with compassion and respect. This is new to me. My previous attorneys have treated me with contempt and no respect. Mr. Rice and his team have treated me as all clients should be treated. They have done their job and kept me informed as to the status of our case. I feel as if I am their only client. I have not had to ask them why no progress was being made. I do not think that the suffering that I have experienced at the hands of unscrupulous attorneys is rare. I think that is more the norm in most divorces. The client that is already shattered by rejection and betrayal by the spouse has to hire a divorce attorney. The client is now treated with contempt by the very person that she is paying to protect and defend them. I know that I have treated my attorneys with respect and cooperation. I have paid their bills. Still, they would not file a simple petition for contempt of the final divorce decree. Mr. Rice is my David to the Goliath of our divorce litigation. He is a man of courage, honor, and integrity. I have been treated with respect and compassion. He has protected and defended me. I highly recommend him. He has restored my faith in our legal system."- Joan L.

Dawn J.

"Larry Rice literally rescued me at the courthouse one day. He helped me thru a difficult divorce with crazy paperwork and a harsh judge. He is so kind and knowledgeable and navigated thru what seemed impossible. He is AWESOME!! I would recommend him to anyone!"- Dawn J.

Jordan I.

"Listened and executed everything I wanted. Always available. A trusted lawyer during a difficult time."- Jordan I.

Coeita M.

"Very good firm. They have been very helpful."- Coeita M.

Robert C.

"Great law firm, knowledgeable lawyers"- Robert C.

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