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Family Law Enforcement Lawyer Memphis Tennessee

In some cases, it may be difficult to get your ex-spouse to comply with the court’s orders. Typically, it’s simply best to try to work out small differences yourself. The bigger problems, however, need to be brought to the attention of an experienced Memphis, Tennessee family law enforcement lawyer. Contact Rice Law today to learn more about family law enforcement in Tennessee and how our legal team can assist you.

Family Law Enforcement Lawyer Serving Memphis, Tennessee

Here at Rice Law, we understand just how frustrating overwhelming it can be to deal with a former spouse who is unwilling to follow the terms of your divorce agreement. In some cases, ignoring these orders can put your child in danger. In others, it can put your financial situation in jeopardy. Regardless of the order your ex is ignoring, you need a Memphis, Tennessee family law attorney on your side.

Enforcing Child Custody/Support & Alimony in Tennessee

Though it’s best to try and speak with your ex to sort out any disagreements you may have, this isn’t always possible. If you and your ex are not on speaking terms, or you’ve already spoken to your ex and they still refuse to follow your divorce agreement, hiring a Memphis, Tennessee family law enforcement lawyer can make a world of a difference.

For example, if your ex-spouse does not pay child support, refuses to give visitation as ordered, or violates an order, there are a number of steps we can take to try to force compliance. One possible step would be to ask the court to find your ex-spouse in contempt. Contempt findings can ultimately lead to jail time if the judge believes that your ex-spouse is intentionally refusing to comply with a lawful court order. Another possibility would be an income assignment order.

If your spouse is at least a month behind in child support and is employed, you may be able to get an order that will take the child support directly out of your ex-spouse’s pay and require the employer to pay it to the court clerk. (It will show up as a deduction on the employee’s pay stub). The clerk will then pay this money over to you. Catching up on delinquent support gets more and more difficult the further behind the payor gets. Therefore, if you are not receiving child support that you should, you ought to take steps to enforce the support before it gets too far behind.

Contact a Memphis, Tennessee Family Law Enforcement Lawyer

Ignoring a support or custody order is both illegal and downright wrong. If your ex is refusing to abide by the terms of your divorce agreement, you need a Memphis, Tennessee family lawyer you can depend on to ensure your agreement is upheld. Contact Rice Law today to schedule your initial consultation with our legal team.

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