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Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Memphis Tennessee

When we hear the word “divorce,” we often imagine contentious courtroom proceedings with both spouses at each other’s throats. For many spouses, however, they are able to agree on the terms of their divorce, and courtroom litigation is not necessary. These divorces are known as uncontested divorces. Though these divorces are far easier to navigate than litigated contested divorces, it’s still best to retain the services of an experienced Memphis, Tennessee uncontested divorce lawyer who can help you file the necessary paperwork correctly and timely and ensure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Rice Law today.

Do I Need a Memphis, Tennessee Lawyer Even in an Uncontested Divorce?

The truth is, whether a couple can agree on their divorce terms or not, divorce is a document-heavy process that should only be handled by a seasoned Shelby County, Tennessee divorce lawyer. Our firm has decades of experience helping clients resolve their uncontested divorces, and we can put that experience to work for you as well.

Issues to Resolve in an Uncontested Divorce

To complete an uncontested divorce, you will have to agree on all of the following divorce-related terms, among others:

  • Alimony: Many spouses require alimony after a divorce. Whether they will need it for a short or a longer period of time depends on a lot of factors. Unsurprisingly, alimony is often a hotly-contested issue in divorce.
  • Child Support: When one spouse has primary custody of a child but is financially dependent on the other spouse, they will often require regular child support payments to ensure their child’s basic needs, such as food, clothes, and their home are tended to.
  • Child Custody: Child custody is often the hardest thing for divorcing parents to agree on. Though many parents can successfully reach an agreement that works best for everyone, this is not always the case.
  • Property Division: When a couple doesn’t have some sort of marital agreement in place outlining what will happen with their assets in a divorce, they will have to agree on who is entitled to which assets. This can include the marital home, funds in jointly-held bank accounts, vehicles, and more.

Fortunately, many spouses find themselves able to reach a fair compromise on each of the aforementioned divorce terms. However, when they cannot agree on everything, their divorce can quickly turn into a contested one, and they will have to litigate the matter in court. In this case, it is best to simply have an attorney on your side who is familiar with your case and who can advocate for your best interests, every step of the way.

Contact a Memphis, Tennessee Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Rice Law is a fierce advocate for every client we take on, and whether you simply need an attorney to review/draw up your divorce papers or your uncontested divorce has taken a turn for the worst, you can depend on us to fight for you. Contact Rice Law today to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced legal team.

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