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Child custody matters are complex, especially when a custodial parent is looking to move away with their child. Relocation cases should never be handled without a competent Memphis, Tennessee relocation lawyer. Contact Rice Law today to learn more about child relocation in Tennessee and how our firm can help ensure the best interests of your child are protected.

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All good parents want what’s best for their children. After a child custody agreement is established, however, things can change. Often, significant changes can warrant a custodial parent wishing to move away with their child. Whether you’re looking to move away with your child or you oppose the move, you should speak with a Memphis, Tennessee family law attorney as soon as you can.

Relocation as a Custodial Parent in Tennessee

Moving a child away has caused a great deal of litigation and conflicting rulings. Now there is a statute from the legislature. Basically, the moving custodial parent needs to notify the other parent that they intend to move and have a good reason to move that is not vindictive. Getting away from the other parent so that parent cannot visit is not a good reason. If the non-custodial parent opposes the move, then the custodial parent will have to gain permission from the courts.

When determining whether a parent can relocate with his or her child, courts will consider one primary factor: whether the move will act in the child’s best interests. Just some of the factors they will consider are as follows:

  • The reason the custodial parent is requesting the move
  • The reason the non-custodial parent is opposing the move
  • How the move will impact your custody schedule
  • Whether the move will provide the child with a stable, healthy environment
  • Whether the move will benefit the child financially, such as by the parent getting a higher-paying job
  • Whether the move will benefit the child socially, such as by bringing him or her closer to their relatives
  • Whether the move will have a negative impact on the child socially
  • Whether the move will help the child receive a better education
  • The bond the child has with both parents, and, if he or she is old/mature enough, whether he or she has a preference
  • Any other factor the court seems relevant to your case

As long as the court believes that the move will act in your child’s best interests, they should give a parent permission to move away with their child.

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Relocation cases are frequently complex matters and should not be handled without a seasoned Memphis, Tennessee relocation lawyer. Our firm has significant experience helping parents navigate these waters, and we are here to use that experience to your child’s benefit. Contact Rice Law today to schedule your initial consultation with our legal team.

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