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By Rice Divorce Team | March 14, 2012

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Recently, a judge in Tennessee ruled that an American woman who sent her adopted son back to Russia is liable for child support. The lawsuit was brought by the adoption agency that the mother used to adopt her son. After the adoptive mother repeatedly failed to appear in court or respond to requests for deposition, Circuit Court Judge Lee Russell approved a motion for default judgment against the woman. The adoptive mother said she “canceled” the adoption and that she was not his legal parent. Judge Lee Russell said he gave the women several opportunities to comply with his order and she refused to comply. Thus, Judge Russell granted the default judgment.

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Are you receiving too little, or paying too much in child support? If so, it is best to consult a Memphis child support attorney. If you are having trouble receiving child support from a non-custodial parent, the Tennessee Department of Human Services can help enforce court-ordered child support. The attorney’s at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton will work hard to see that you are being treated fairly in your child support matter.

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