Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice: Justice Won

A respected lawyer from a well known law firm tried to spring a trap on me. He failed. I was sent a response after I left the office Thursday for my motion set at 9 am Friday. In cooperation with another lawyer he tried to conjure up a conflict to get a judge to recuse himself on the Friday before trial was to start Monday. With no preparation time I had to appear at court.
Credit goes to my great team – Nick, Jen, Jan, Chelsea and the others who did my research while I waited to be called on at court. My clerk arrived with the cases minutes before I was called on. I appreciate my opposing counsel in the divorce matter (a different lawyer) who was truthful to the court. I respect the Judge who saw through it.
It is great to see justice come through and that my team can foil a plan that two lawyers cooked up on their own timeline and sprang on us at the last moment.

Some commentators wrote:

“Stories that that make me glad I practice in a district full of small towns. For the most part things like continuances really are still done with a phone call & a verbal agreement. If a local lawyer tries to pull that kind of thing, ALL lawyers will know it very soon, a reputation is born, and karma can be a real…..”

“My “first” divorce lawyer did the same thing, Virginia. He was in it for the money and the more he could prolong things, do unnecessary depositions, call me to his office for interviews numerous times asking the same questions he had already asked, cancel hearing dates (that would have ended the “cash cow”), until after more than two years and thousands of dollars, I FIRED him.”

“In my case, my lawyers seemed to join in the game. What a vicious inhuman practice, especially as children are involved. NOW TO LARRY…yes…win with intelligence, competence, compassion and justice.”

“You’ve got a great staff Larry not to mention you’re a great lawyer. I’m HOPE your client appreciates ya’ll.”