Marital Assets in Memphis, TN

Hiding assets in a divorce is unethical and deceptive, but it still happens. If you are a woman going through a divorce, it’s important to ask yourself whether you think your husband is hiding assets. A recent article on, Divorcing Women: Here’s Where Husbands Typically Hide Assets, lists different ways a husband may try to hide his assets. If you are a divorcing woman, don’t let your husband cheat you out of a fair divorce settlement. It is best to consult a Memphis divorce attorney if you a filing for a divorce.

Hiding Marital Assets in TN

Do you and your husband have a complex financial portfolio? As the Forbes article mentions, keeping track of a complex financial portfolio can be extremely difficult. Because a portfolio can be difficult to follow, it may be easy for your husband to move things around without you knowing it. In order to ensure that your husband does not hide income/assets from you, you need to work with a qualified Memphis divorce team. The experienced attorneys at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton can make sure you get the divorce settlement you deserve.

Undervaluing and Disguising Assets in Divorce

Husbands may try to undervalue and disguise assets. The Forbes article discusses tactics a husband may use to undervalue and disguise assets. He may purchase items that that could easily be overlooked or undervalued. He could stash money in a deposit box, or somewhere else in the house. It is also important to check and make sure your husband does not overpay the IRS, so that he can get the refund later after the divorce is settled. There are several ways to hide, disguise, and undervalue assets. The attorneys at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton have the legal expertise to make sure all of your husband’s assets are uncovered.