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Divorce is a part of life in this country. A divorce may be necessary to clear away a problem that blocks you from leading a better life. The biggest divorce I know of was when our country divorced itself from England in 1776. Divorce is not pleasant. Some divorces are more unpleasant than others. While I have lectured and worked with lawyers in many states, I am a Tennessee lawyer. I wrote this for my clients who are mostly Tennessee residents.

This website is taken from the book I give my clients. It describes many things; some will apply in your case and some will not. However, knowing those that apply will help you avoid some problems and deal better with others. It does not and cannot cover all of the issues, laws, or rules involved.

This website summarizes the law, as I understood it, when I last updated this booklet (September 2010). The law is always subject to amendment by the legislature, to reinterpretation by the courts, to different application by different judges, and to factual variation from case to case. Before acting on what you have read, talk to a lawyer in your area first—that is why they are there.


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This webpage is part of -
The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions
also written by Larry Rice.
It is reproduced by permission of the copyright holder, the American Bar Association.

The following are some of the statutes or forms mentioned below.

- Alimony
- Child Support Guidelines
- Child Support Worksheet
- Deposition
- Divorce Incident Report
- Expense and Income Statement

- Grounds
- Parenting Class Providers
- Parenting Plan Form
- Parenting Plan Statute
- Parental Relocation
- Private Investigator
- Property Division
- Publications
- Support Account Sheet
- Support Account Sheet Example



- AIDS and Other Medical Issues
- Alimony
- Annulment
- Attorney's Fee
- Bankruptcy
- Changes
- Change of Wife's Name
- Child Support
- Children
- Conclusion
- Contempt
- Cooperation
- Cost and Expenses
- Credit
- Custody
- Dating
- Debts
- Discovery
- Divorce

- Domestic Abuse and Violence
- Emotions
- Evidence
- Facts
- Family
- Filing
- Final Decree
- Grounds
- Injunctions and Protective Orders
- Keeping You Informed
- Legal Separation
- Life Insurance
- Marital Dissolution Agreement
- Mediation
- Medical Insurance
- Negotiations
- One Attorney for Both of You
- Outcome
- Parental Kidnapping
- Prenuptial or Antenuptial Agreements
- Property Division
- Records
- Remarriage
- Residence Requirements
- Separation and Reconciliation
- Snooping
- Social Security
- Taxes
- Telephone
- Temporary Relief
- Trial
- Uncontested Divorce
- Visitation
- Waiting Period
- Wills
- Witnesses
- Worry
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This webpage is not a substitute for a lawyer. Do not try to use this webpage as a do-it-yourself divorce guide. The information it contains may not be appropriate for your particular situation. If you attempt to use the information in this webpage instead of hiring a lawyer, you are setting yourself up for a potential disaster of epic proportions.