Bartlett, Tennessee Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer Bartlett Tennessee

Our Bartlett, Tennessee divorce lawyer understands the important and heartbreaking decisions that await you as you face a divorce. Rice Law wants to make it absolutely clear that you do not need to undertake this emotionally grueling process all on your own. Our legal team is confident in our ability to work tirelessly for our clients and help provide them with the best possible outcome on their behalf. Schedule your initial consultation with Rice Law today to begin this process. We pledge to handle your case with the utmost tact and professionalism.

Divorce Lawyer Located in Bartlett, Tennessee

Having an attorney in your corner who truly understands the stakes and how to protect them is crucial to your success. We proudly provide strong legal counsel through some of the most stressful and emotionally fraught periods of our clients’ lives. We are always ready to assist you. You should not proceed without a competent attorney on your side.

The Legal Services We Provide

Rice Law prides itself on providing our clients with the following services:

Preparing for a Divorce

To make plans for a divorce, you must prepare yourself financially, legally and emotionally. Above all else, you must prioritize your well-being and that of your children. Taking the following steps can significantly impact the outcome of your divorce:

  • Taking stock of your assets and liabilities and preparing a well-rounded financial plan
  • Trying to remain as calm and cool as possible when negotiating with your former spouse
  • Never putting anything regarding your divorce into writing, and avoiding texting or posting about these topics on social media
  • Considering therapy for you and your children to help resolve any emotional issues that arise as your divorce proceeds
  • Retaining the services of an experienced Bartlett, Tennessee divorce attorney who can effectively fight for you and your family

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