What's It Really All About?

It’s not just how a law firm does on a sunny day when everything is going right that is a test to what the law firm is. If your system is robust enough, your bench of lawyers, paralegals and clerks is deep enough and you have the experience and commitment to do it right in the circumstance, you will find out what a law firm is really about. As Erin O’Dea posted Tuesday afternoon, we only had one of four associates at the office. With some of our effective management on the sideline, Larry Rice headed to Jackson Monday and won a family law matter on a motion for summary judgement. This means Mr. Rice convinced the judge no matter what the other side did, they could not win the trial. Their case was dismissed without the first witness being called. By Wednesday, the divorce referee ruled in favor of Mr. Rice’s client. Not only did Mr. Rice beat the other side’s offer, but he also beat his own client’s proposed ruling. The credit for the wins Monday and Wednesday belong to the associates at home and while the team is looking forward to playing at full strength, we can still win with some injured players out.