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  • Medical Insurance
    Medical Insurance

    You are prohibited from canceling, modifying, terminating, assigning or allowing to lapse for nonpayment of premiums, any insurance policy. If you cover your spouse or children on your insurance, do ...

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  • Child Support Worksheet
    Child Support Worksheet

    The Child Support Worksheet is a two page form that can be easily worked by anyone with an advanced degree in mathematics. The rest of us including me, my staff, and the judges use the child support ...

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  • What Is Discovery?
    What Is Discovery?

    Discovery can include written questions, known as Interrogatories, or request for documents, known as Request for Production of Documents, or face-to-face questions before a court reporter known as a ...

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  • Separation and Reconciliation
    Separation and Reconciliation

    The legal requirement for separation before filing requires at least separate sleeping arrangements and a lack of physical relations. Renewing physical relations without notifying the court and first ...

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