Business Networking and the Social Media

“Business Networking and the Social Media”

The other day Mr. Larry Rice asked all of the law clerks to keep track of the time that we spend on various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The goal being to track the time of day that we log on to each site and how much time we spend on each site in order to determine when social media sites are most active.

At Rice, Amundsen, and Caperton PLLC., Mr. Rice believes that social media sites can be a great way for small businesses to network. The firm frequently makes posts to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach out to the community. From a business perspective, it would be very beneficial to know when specific social media sites are most active. This way, businesses can make posts on social media sites when the posts are most likely to be seen. Genius.

Although Mr. Rice very innovatively decided to conduct this research experiment on his own with the help of the law clerks, the topic regarding business networking and social media sparked my curiosity. How can a small business best take advantage of the vast world of social media sites? I decided to do a little research on my own and came across a study released by Vitrue, a social media management company, which was geared specifically towards Facebook and polled when users were most active on the site. The study showed that 3:00 P.M. was the busiest, most active time of the day on Facebook, and that posts made in the mornings were more likely to be viewed and responded to than posts made at night.

So, according to this study, a business should make its daily posts first thing in the morning so that more people will have ample opportunity to see what they have to say. Very interesting, yet useful knowledge to have, if you ask me.