Clerking at Rice Law: by Jessica Farmer

A “Tail” of Love: The Story of LawLaw

As most stories in the law begin, there was a problem that needed a solution. However, this story differs from most of the ones we see at our firm. You see, this time, the problem belonged to a four-legged feline.

A cat arrived at the back door of our office about a year and a half ago. She was hungry and appeared to have suffered from an injury. Without knowing if their kindness to this cat would do anything more than make her feel better for a short period of time, the caring people in the office took action. They set up bowls of food and water for her and tried to help.

Being a stray, the cat, who would later be named LawLaw, would not come close of anyone. In fact, she met the offerings of food, water, and kindness with hisses and threats of attack. However, our office did not give up.

After months of food and attention, LawLaw is a healthy-looking cat, who is a well-accepted member of our firm. Of course, rather than putting LawLaw on the payroll, we pay her in cat food. She is still a little skittish around people, but she will sit by the backdoor and beckon for food if her bowl is empty. She will also sit patiently next to her bowl while we pour her food.

In the summer, we can always tell when she has been around because the vehicles in the parking lot have little paw prints on the hoods where she has sunbathed after eating a big lunch. Despite LawLaw’s “domestication,” she still has a wild streak. She loves to roam around downtown in search of new adventures, but she always comes back to the office. We are never sure where she has gone, but it is nice to see her when she returns.

Next time you are downtown, keep your eyes peeled, because if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of this four-legged member of our firm, while she is out on an adventure.