Want to Become a Law Clerk's Best Friend? Get Organized

The amount of paperwork that comes through a divorce attorney’s office can be mind-boggling. On a daily basis I am shuffling through credit card statements, retirement account balances, and parenting calendars. I thought I was going to need to head to Costco and invest in Band-Aids after all of the paper cuts I endured my first week clerking. If you are about to become involved litigation, my advice to you is get organized.

The amount of information involved in a divorce case can be overwhelming, but there are a few simple things you can do that can turn a messy stack of papers into documents that greatly assist your attorney. Put your documents into chronological order. This will make the documents easier to go through plus you will be able to spot if you are missing any documents. Having the complete picture is very important. Rubber bands and binder clips can also be helpful. Try not to staple too many things because it is likely that your attorney’s office will want to copy or scan the document. Try not to write on any originals. If you want to leave a note for your attorney always write it on a Post-It note and attach it to the document. It may also be helpful to set aside a day to sit down and gather the contact information of everyone and every company that may be involved in your case. Tracking down companies that handle your retirement accounts can be harder than you think.

Many aspects of your life can improve with just a little organization and litigation is no different. Spend some time get organized before your next trip to your attorney’s office.