Clerking at Rice Law, Through Jessica Farmer's Eyes

Doggie Day Care at Rice Law, through the eyes of Rookie Farmer:

My awesome owner, Jessica Farmer, took me to work with her for “Bring Your Dog To Work Day.” As soon as she asked me if I wanted to go, I spun around in circles and barked until we got in the car. I love driving downtown! There is so much stuff to see.

When we got to the office I got to see all of my old friends. Unfortunately, I also saw an old enemy, a big mean bear that Mr. Larry shot! Someone needed to shoot him; he is ferocious. That’s okay, I stared him down to show him who’s boss. After getting my belly rubbed by too many people to count, playing tug-of-war with a couple of clients, sitting in client meetings with my owner and Mr. Nick, and eating carrots in the clerks’ office with Ms. Erin, I was exhausted. No wonder people always look so tired after work. It is tough!

I cannot wait for the next “Bring Your Dog To Work Day!”