New Clerks, Associates, and Paralegals: Training Classes

Law schools do a great job of teaching abstract concepts, but a poor job of making lawyers.

The history of law clerks in our firm goes back to the days of when Larry Rice worked at firm during high school. Back to the days when the Beatles had just come to America.

We have come a long way since then. Law clerks, new associates, and new paralegals receive “The Secret Rites & Rituals of the Rice Team”, which is a straight forward guide to what really happens in the office and three (3) training classes on divorce law, divorce procedure, and office procedures. They also receive Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure, Tennessee Rules of Evidence, Local rules of the Circuit and Chancery Courts and the Child Support Guidelines.
These make up the Law Clerk Bible.

With instructions, advise, experience and the bible over the next two years will transform 1L law students to lawyers.

These lawyers will be ready to help clients, negotiate settlements, resolve mediation and win at court.

With this in mind we welcome Carla Rogers, Jan Lentz, Blair Beaty, Chelsea Conn, and Zoe Sams to our firm.