Jumping Into the Deep End

By Rice Divorce Team | August 16, 2016
By: Ana Alford

Imagine having to move to a different country with no understanding of their language or how they live. It would be scary, but think of how much you could learn from watching the people, listening to conversations and adapting to their way of life. I had a similar experience when I began working at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, PLLC, but I jumped into the deep end and prepared myself for what was to come.

Living the life of a lawyer is extremely busy. Instead of it being a job, it is more of a lifestyle. With that being said, most attorneys don’t have the time to take people in and teach them. I’m sure much like myself, people entering this world with no background of information often feel like they are in a different place, with a new language and way of doing things. Thankfully, even though Larry Rice is extremely busy, he takes the time to explain the process of things to the law clerks and I, which we are all extremely grateful for.

I had no idea what some things meant that were discussed regarding cases, or even the procedure of the courtroom. I had to adapt, while absorbing absolutely everything I possibly could. It was scary, but the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Simply listening to conversations, watching the interaction between people and writing everything down that was said I did not understand, I soon began a dictionary of words I would write down to research when I went home. I couldn’t get enough of learning from the Rice Divorce Law.

This summer I had the chance to sit in on a deposition with Nick Rice. As I sat there, I had the “ah-ha” moment of “this is what I want to do.” Watching Nick in the deposition truly inspired me to continue to work hard and always keep my eye on the “prize.” Taking what I have learned so far, I jump at every opportunity from Nick or Larry to observe them in action. If I am only half the attorney they are, I will be doing pretty well.

I am now studying for the LSAT (law school admission test) in my spare time and preparing for law school. Looking back to when I began last summer, I cannot even begin to list everything I have learned from working under Nick and Larry. I can honestly say I do not know where I would be without this experience.

Without Larry and Nick taking the time and allowing me to sit in on things and explain them to me as they go, I don’t know if I would have the same excitement for law school. The patience Larry has with everyone learning, along with Nick allowing me to sit in on things, has been nothing but a positive, exciting adventure. I’m buckling uptight and preparing for the rollercoaster of law school as I enter my last year at the University of Memphis.

David McCullough said, “Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.” I quickly discovered the law is where my passion lies. I am looking forward to see what my future holds and will always have Larry and Nick to thank for introducing me to my love of the law.

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