Caring for Clients

By Victoria Sellers | December 12, 2019

I applied to law school with the intention of specifically becoming a family law attorney because I felt that, by learning and practicing this particular field of law, I could help people during one of the most difficult times in their lives in the most effective way possible. My goals and perceptions of family law were brought to fruition the day I stepped in the door of Rice Amundsen & Caperton, PLLC.

Under Memphis divorce and family law attorney Larry Rice’s supervision and Nick Rice’s guidance, law clerks are given ample opportunities for hands-on, real-world experience like interacting with clients, assisting with trial preparation, and attending client depositions.

On my first day as a law clerk, I was whisked into a client deposition preparation. This typically involves asking extremely rigorous, personal questions to give our clients an understanding of what will happen in the actual deposition. On this particular day, we had been preparing her for several hours and because the questions were extremely personal and invasive, it was obvious that she was beginning to experience anxiety and pressure. During this experience, Larry recognized her feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and overall worry about the next day. Sensing her fears, Larry asked me to find a piece of paper, write the word “breathe” on it, stand on the other side of the room where our client could see me, and point to the piece of paper after each sentence to remind her to breathe to calm her nerves. This worked almost immediately. She relaxed and was able to answer the most difficult questions with tranquility and honesty.

It was in this moment I realized that although this Memphis divorce firm is known for aggressive trial strategies and putting up a strong fight in the courtroom, the divorce attorneys at this firm care deeply about their clients and how the clients feel throughout the entire process. The sincerity of the Rice Lawand their zealous advocacy for their clients truly makes each and every attorney at Rice Amundsen & Caperton some of the most superior attorneys in the Shelby County area. As a young law clerk, it was inspiring to witness this behavior from the attorneys and to know that I have the opportunity to learn under people that share my ideas and values regarding the practice of law.

Almost a year later, I am still working with the Rice Divorce Law, and these values of kindness, sincerity, and advocacy have not faltered. Although not every day is easy and the practice of divorce law can be rigorous, when you are surrounded by people that genuinely care about each other and their clients, it is a reminder of how truly rewarding practicing law here in Memphis can be.

This blog is written by the law clerks and interns of the Rice Divorce Law. We document our experience working with Memphis Divorce Lawyer Larry Rice and Memphis Divorce Lawyer Nick Rice, as well as other members of the Rice Divorce Law. The Rice Lawrepresents clients in Tennessee, including Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Columbia, Johnson City, and Knoxville. We hope these blog posts will be interesting and show the evolution as they move towards being divorce and family lawyers and paralegals. The statements in these posts should not be used as legal advice about divorce or family law.

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