What types of martial problems lead to divorce?

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In recent years, divorce rates have skyrocketed as they are more socially acceptable in today’s society. The stigmas around divorces have decreased and they have become more popular. Married couples may seek a divorce for several reasons. However, the grounds for divorce differ in each state. Couples may seek a divorce because of incompatibility, money problems, adultery, addiction, or any other reasonable grounds. If you are seeking a divorce, contact a determined Memphis, Tennessee Divorce Grounds Lawyer who can help you successfully terminate your marriage.

What are some of the most common reasons couples get divorced?

The grounds for divorce differ in each state. Tennessee is a no-fault state, which means no one party is at-fault or to blame for the divorce. The following are some of the most common reasons couples get divorced.

Lack of commitment and adultery

A lack of commitment in the marriage can lead to a divorce because one party may seem like they do no care about working towards improving the marriage. One party may be unwilling to work on marital issues. Additionally, infidelity is one of the most common reasons couples get divorced. When one party is unfaithful and has sexual relations with another person outside the marriage, they are breaking their vows. Ultimately, adultery is a grounds for a divorce.


It is common for couples to sometimes argue about different marital issues. However, when all the couples can do when discussing important issues is argue, this could cause them to have animosity towards each other. Married couples will not resolve their disputed issues if they have a lack of communication. Ultimately, a lack of communication can lead to a divorce.


Money is a common cause of divorce. Financial troubles can cause conflict in a marriage. Money disagreements are often extremely difficult to resolve. Individuals may handle and prioritize their money in different ways. This causes tension between the couple. For instance, one party may make large purchases without consulting the other party on the financial decision. One party may take out large amounts of money from the couples saving account without consulting the decision. Sometimes couples may not agree on financial goals. Financial disagreements can cause an couple to seek a divorce as they cannot discuss their finances without conflict.


Unfortunately, things are always changing, including people’s values and interests. Often, couples get married and are happy for a while. However, as the years begin to roll over, couples may realize they have grown apart. Oftentimes, couples marry too young. Individuals who get married too young typically grow apart later in life. Couples may neglect important aspect going into the marriage such as a lack of shared values. If both parties cannot agree on shared values, they may run into trouble when raising their children. If they lack shared interests, they may drift apart as they do not spend time together doing enjoyable activities together. Quality time is important in a marriage. Additionally, married couples may divorce due to religious differences. Irreconcilable differences can cause the dissolution of a marriage. However, in Tennessee irreconcilable differences can only be a ground for divorce if the couple settles their issues in mediation or in advance.


Another common reason couples get divorced is substance abuse. Substance abuse can cause an individual to change. The may not be the person they were when they entered the marriage due to excessive drug or alcohol usage.

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