The Mindset of Marriage: Larry Rice’s Advice on How to Avoid Divorce

By Rice Divorce Team | January 21, 2019

Our Divorce Attorney Gives Advice on Maintaining a Happy Marriage

In the January 2019 issue of 4 Memphis Magazine, our founding family law attorney Larry Rice gives advice on keeping a marriage alive and thriving in the article, The Mindset of Marriage. With years of experience in the courtroom during divorce trials, Larry has learned quite a bit about how to preserve a marriage, not to mention the experience from his own marriage of 44 years. This article features his sound advice while proving that his approach to family law is a compassionate and understanding one. His goal truly is to do what is best for his clients, even if it means NOT getting a divorce.

If you are facing a divorce, it pays to discuss your concerns with our team of compassionate and knowledgeable Memphis divorce attorneys. We can help you with the legal legwork while giving tips on how to make things better the next time around.

Marriage Advice from Your Friendly Divorce lawyer

The guidelines that are given in The Mindset of Marriage are worth repeating, because we all could use a little reminder from time to time.

  • Be nice: Larry suggests doing things to earn “positive points” to offset your deficits, including bringing your wife flowers, leaving a note, card or just the message that you love her written where she will see it. Apologies should be made sincerely and accepted graciously, even when you are not sure of what you did wrong.
  • Have fun: Make sure that your spouse is at the top of your priorities list, before work, child care, etc. Married couples need to have date nights and vacations (he suggests a minimum of 3 days) with just the two of you. This quality time and prioritization will benefit not only the relationship but your children, as well. Larry suggests that these dates are important in keeping the marriage from reaching a point of sinking, like a battleship that’s been attacked so many times that it cannot stay afloat. Once a marriage is past the point of repair, that is when the advice takes a backseat and the divorce attorney approach takes over.
  • Stay Out of “Show Business”: The mentality of “I’ll show him/her” has no place in a marriage. Being stubborn, arrogant and egotistical are perfect ways to destroy a marriage, or any relationship for that matter. You must approach marriage as the most important thing and the argument as the second. Proving you are right is not the point. Approach disagreements with the concept of “it is us against this disagreement, not against each other.”
  • Opposites can attract: Balancing similar and opposing goals and characteristics is key in a relationship between “opposites.” There must be a positive interplay of what you share and an appreciation and support of the things you do not share.

Your Memphis Divorce Attorney

If you have tried to make things work to no avail, it may be time to contact our team of Memphis divorce lawyers. We understand that sometimes a marriage cannot be fixed. We will help you work through the legal details of your divorce so that you can move on with your life. Everyone deserves to be happy and thrive in life, and sometimes that means parting ways with a relationship that is no longer serving you. Let us help you make the transition smoothly.

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