Live Together, Die Alone

By Rice Divorce Team | July 27, 2016

I was sitting in a case charts meeting about a month ago, and everyone was updating the other team members about what events were transpiring in their cases and what their plans of action were. Then the team helped them brainstorm about other ways to approach each case and helped play devil’s advocate to their ideas. Memphis area divorce attorney, Larry Rice, reminded us during the activity that “none of us is as smart as all of us.” This proved to be very true. Everyone on the Rice Team has a different personality and we all approach things from different angles and viewpoints, based on our own knowledge and personal experience.

Many may equate the law and cases to a game of chess. Lawyers are always trying to outsmart the other side and capture the King, or more realistically, that golden bit of evidence that wins the case. And we often ask ourselves: What is the other side’s strategy? Will they know our next move and if so, should we move another piece instead? However, with the Rice Firm, we approach cases less like a game of chess and more like a team sport. You have everyone’s brain and experience with you to help you strategize and succeed. Everyone has a job to do and has to do their part in order to accomplish the goal. But often we must also play a zone defense and have multiple people working together to solve any issues or to block what the other side wants to do.

It is coming together as a team that makes us so successful. This also reminded me (because I was on my third re-watch of LOST) of Jack Sheppard telling the survivors on the island that they would have to “live together or they would die alone.” Though we are not fighting to survive, the sentiment is the same. In order to succeed, we must work together, because we will always be much stronger and better prepared as a unit, than by ourselves.