Discovering Larry Rice’s Not-So-Hidden Talent

By Rice Divorce Team | October 16, 2014

Larry Rice took to the podium Tuesday as guest lecturer for Lynda Black, Professor of Family Law at University of Memphis School of Law. The topic Larry was asked to lecture on was Discovery in Divorce Litigation, however, as he always does, Larry provided much, much more. Ever the ambassador, Larry opened his lecture with a ringing endorsement of the practice of family law with the promise that it can actually be fun. As a clerk at Rice Law for almost two years, I can attest to that fact and state that while we work very hard, we also have more fun than people probably think lawyers can or should have at work.

Larry discussed written discovery such as Interrogatories, Requests for Production of Documents, and Requests for Admissions. Although written discovery can be admittedly dull, Larry made sure to enlighten the students to the true benefit of these written responses once the opposing party takes the stand or the deponent’s chair. Larry also discussed the strategy behind depositions and even entered into a mock deposition with one of the students in the class.

Throughout the 50-minute class, Larry’s energy and passion for what he does shone through and I am sure the only thing Larry would have liked at the end was another 50 minutes just to tell stories. Larry is truly in his element when he is given an audience and able to discuss what he loves. So, did Larry miss his calling? Should he have traveled a different path into academia? For anyone who has worked with Larry and especially anyone who has been represented by Larry, the answer to those questions is a definite and loud – NO!