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  • All in a Day’s Work
    All in a Day’s Work

    It was nothing short of intimidating walking into Rice Law on my first day as a law clerk. Having come into law school with absolutely no prior legal experience, walking into a high-caliber firm like ...

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  • One Of Us Is Not As Smart As All Of Us
    One Of Us Is Not As Smart As All Of Us

    Prior to starting my job as a legal intern for Rice Divorce Law, I had preconceived notions of what the work of a divorce attorney entails. As a child of divorce, I am familiar with the turmoil that ...

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  • Barristers on Beale Street
    Barristers on Beale Street

    by Jonathan Wolf Clerking for Rice, Amundsen & Caperton PLLC has been an incredible adventure. I have gotten to sit in on motion hearings, depositions, and mediation, all of which I found unbelievably ...

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  • Court Appearance- Uncontested
    Court Appearance- Uncontested

    In an uncontested divorce case, the plaintiff needs to appear in court to testify. The defendant needs only appear if it is what he or she wants. Unless it is a divorce on irreconcilable differences, ...

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  • Family Law Attorney Memphis
    Family Law Attorney Memphis

    Memphis Divorce Lawyer If you live in the Memphis area and need assistance with your legal issues the attorneys and staff at Rice, Amundsen, & Caperton PLLC are here to help. If you need a parenting ...

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