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  • Learning How to Win
    Learning How to Win

    Attorneys have a reputation for doing anything to win a case. In some situations, that determination is a good thing. In others, it can seem like attorneys only care about the tally in the win column, ...

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  • Learning through Preparation
    Learning through Preparation

    Since my first year as a law student, I have wanted to find a work environment that values collaborative effort, preparedness, and learning opportunities. With the Rice Divorce Team, I have found just ...

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  • Caring for Clients
    Caring for Clients

    I applied to law school with the intention of specifically becoming a family law attorney because I felt that, by learning and practicing this particular field of law, I could help people during one ...

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  • “Be Prepared.”: by Erin O’Dea
    “Be Prepared.”: by Erin O’Dea

    “Be Prepared.” You can thank the Scouts for that little gem. I was only a Girl Scout for a few days. (Yes, “be prepared” was also the Girl Scout motto.) I didn’t like the girly badges they tried to ...

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  • "Oh the Places You'll Go (As a Clerk)"

    When Larry Rice hired me back in March of last year, I asked him, “What will I have an opportunity to learn from you while I clerk, and how will that help me transition from student to an attorney?” ...

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  • Beyond the Books: My First Two Months as a Law Clerk
    Beyond the Books: My First Two Months as a Law Clerk

    When I began my new job as a law clerk at Rice, Amundsen, & Caperton, PLLC, two months ago, I had never worked in an office, had been inside the Shelby County Courthouse only twice—though I grew up in ...

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