One Of Us Is Not As Smart As All Of Us

Prior to starting my job as a legal intern for Rice Divorce Law, I had preconceived notions of what the work of a divorce attorney entails. As a child of divorce, I am familiar with the turmoil that can accompany the divorce process. I watched my parents spend years hiring attorneys and spending large sums of money fighting battles that seemed to have no end. Therefore, I had strong opinions of divorce attorneys going into my internship- one that would be hard to alter. Nevertheless, Rice Divorce Law did what I considered to be impossible: they completely changed my opinion on divorce law.

The most admirable part about working with Rice Divorce Law was the willingness of each person to help me learn. Every job within a law firm is stressful and requires one’s undivided attention. From the receptionist to clerks, and attorneys, every role at Rice Divorce Law is crucial to reach the maximum success in a case. It would be easy to pass an intern off to the next person to deal with; however, this was never the case amongst Rice Divorce Law. If I wanted to be part of anything, from an initial consultation to a deposition (all with client approval), or even a casual meeting between attorneys, I was welcomed with a smile no matter the occasion. I never felt like a burden, only an asset, which is rare to feel as a legal intern that is still working toward an undergraduate degree.

I was wary of what an internship at a law firm would encompass during a pandemic. The courtroom is such a vital aspect of divorce law, and I knew my chance of watching a courtroom trial play out was slim. I accepted that if the firm I went to work for was not on top of the new normal, I was not going to learn as much as I would have before the pandemic. However, Rice Divorce Law was way ahead of the game, per usual. I learned the importance of adaptability in the field of law. Due to COVID-19, most appearances before a Judge and various client meetings occurred via Zoom. Rice Divorce Law adapted and conquered the switch to online trials and meetings quickly and successfully. The firm purchased high-quality cameras, lighting, and software to execute the best online presence. The little things matter to Rice Divorce Law, and the little things make the difference between winning and losing a case.

All in all, I know two things are certain: 1) my job as a legal intern at Rice Divorce Law instilled me with the knowledge that will allow me to be more successful in years to come and 2) never in a million years would I want to be litigating against Rice Divorce Law. I am forever thankful to each member of Rice Divorce Law for helping me along the way.

This blog is written by the law clerks and interns of Rice Divorce Law. We document our experience working with Memphis Divorce Lawyer Larry Rice and Memphis Divorce Lawyer Nick Rice, as well as other members of Rice Divorce Law. Rice Divorce Law represents clients in Tennessee, including Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Columbia, Johnson City, and Knoxville. We hope these blog posts will be interesting and show the evolution as they move towards being divorce and family lawyers and paralegals. The statements in these posts should not be used as legal advice about divorce or family law.

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