Meet the Rice Divorce Law- Jessica Farmer Ferrante

We would like to congratulate Jessica on being selected Top 10 Under 40 from the National Academy of Family Layers Association for the second year in a row! We are so proud of you!

Name: Jessica Farmer Ferrante

Position: Associate Attorney

Length of Time with the Rice Divorce Law: 7 ½ years

Schools attended: Collierville High School-2005, University of Tennessee, Knoxville-Undergraduate 2009, University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law-2009,

Organization Membership: Memphis Bar Association, Tennessee Bar Association American Bar Association, & Association of Women Attorneys- Memphis

Favorite Part about working with the Rice Divorce Law: My favorite thing about the Rice Divorce Law is the Rice Divorce Law! The people that make up our team are what make it so great.

One Word to describe Rice Divorce Law: If I am forced to pick only one word, I would say, enthusiastic. Whether we are preparing for a court case or deciding what kind of food we want to eat, we do it with enthusiasm.

Tea or coffee? Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! – she exclaims as she reaches for another cup!

One word to describe you: Nerdy

Why this profession: I knew when I was twelve years old that I wanted to be an attorney. I saw a divorce attorney who was, unfortunately, abusing her role. I knew then that I wanted to practice law. I wanted to practice in a way that offers compassion to people who go through difficult times. From that moment forward, my focus and energy went into achieving that goal. Now, I am blessed to be living that dream. I know and appreciate what a gift that is. I have made incredible friends along the way, both in my colleagues and in my clients.

Favorite place to travel: I enjoy traveling very much, but I particularly love at this phase of life, being able to travel to my grandmother’s home where I spent so much of my childhood. It is comforting to go home.