A Whole New World

When I first started interning at Rice, Amundsen, and Caperton, I wasn’t quite sure what would greet me there. Would it be like a regular day of roaming the halls of my high school, White Station, or would it be exciting and hectic like the law offices I saw on TV? My questions were soon answered with my surprise that it wasn’t at all like what I expected to find. Everyone was and looked professional, but they were also very hospitable and made me feel welcomed. Even though the office was always bustling with activity, I didn’t feel like they were too busy to help introduce me to this new world I had discovered.
I was encouraged to ask questions when I didn’t understand or know something, and when I made mistakes I was taught the right way to complete the task and encouraged to acknowledge when I messed up, instead of feeling like I had to figure it all out on my own. Every day I learned something new, from the best way to scan a document to how to certify documents at the courthouse. I brought home new legal jargon I heard that day and soon my browser history was filled with questions like “What is an affidavit? Is it important?”. I’ve also gained some much-needed advice and information about what it is to be a lawyer and the process I will have to take to get there. I’ve learned what the next eight years will be like for me in order to be able to take the bar exam and that being a lawyer means making a commitment to bettering people’s lives, which is what I have seen put in to practice every day during my time here. Each person I’ve spent time with has put their best into all they do to help their clients, and that commitment and effort are what I want to have in my everyday life. Everyone here at Rice, Amundsen, and Caperton has been a tremendous help and influence on my decision to pursue a career in law, and I am eternally grateful to them for making what it means to be an attorney transparent as I am transitioning into adulthood. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

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