Attorneys Really Aren’t So Bad By: Ana Alford


By: Ana Alford

I have always heard people don’t like attorneys. With all the jokes, comments and stories it is easy to believe they are terrible! However, that is extremely untrue. Last Thursday all the food trucks were in Court Square downtown, some people from the office and I decided to walk over for lunch. As we are sitting and enjoying our lunch, Larry Rice walks over from court and enjoys the beautiful day with us. As we are walking back, an older gentleman with a walker fell trying to step off the concrete curb onto the street. As Larry sees this, he runs over to help, stopping traffic to help the gentleman safely cross. Anyone can say attorneys are evil, but actions speak louder than words. I am beyond thankful to have a boss as kind as Larry who is the best mentor I could ever ask for. I’m sure everyone at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton can agree when I say he has truly created a great atmosphere that makes going to work exciting, not dreadful. So thank you, Larry!