Chelsea Knox is Now on the Juvenile Court Docket Subcommittee


Chelsea Knox, a rising third year law student and law clerk at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, is now on the Juvenile Court Docket Subcommittee. Mrs. Knox attended the first meeting May 19th. The purpose of the committee is to streamline the processes of Juvenile Court to be more efficient. Writing a letter to Joy Touliatos, the Juvenile Court Clerk, about the issues she has seen with the filing system, Chelsea was hoping for a response. Mrs. Touliatos called, saying the court was working on improving the process, as well as asking if anyone from the firm would like to join the subcommittee.

Chelsea, along with nine other people, are now on the subcommittee working with Mrs. Touliatos. With hopes of improving the Juvenile Court system, the committee is working hard to do all in their power to benefit the system for everyone.

“I cannot wait to begin making an impact on the legal community in my hometown. I am thrilled to have such an opportunity before I even graduate from law school,” Chelsea said.