PR Internship And What It Means To The Rice Divorce Law

By: Caitlin Schuh

When first skimming through the Internship Spotlight Newsletter that is available to every journalism major at the University of Memphis, I noticed The Rice Lawunderneath the public relations segment. I thought to myself, how does a law firm thrive by using public relations? As a then junior in college, I had not been introduced into the real world of public relations and the myriad ways it can be used to boost a firm’s image. Aside from lessons I have previously learned in the classroom about the field of public relations, I quickly found that learning about it and experiencing it were two different entities.

I have been a public relations intern for the Rice Lawfor around four months now. In that small amount of time, Larry Rice has shown me an abundant amount of material and how it is applied for a setting outside of a classroom. Larry has a way of teaching that is not only engaging but he makes his lessons fun with his exceptional sense of humor. I have acquired how to make advertisements, press releases, and post on all social media platforms in a professional manner. I have observed over these months that Larry always goes the extra mile for his clients and employees no matter how big or small the gesture.

Coming into the office and being surrounded by an awesome team that works hard in all they do is an experience I won’t forget. Working at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton PLLC isn’t just a normal office full of employees, but a family that is there for one another. I’m glad to have gained more knowledge about the field of public relations from such an admirable boss and his team.

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