Judge resigns amid allegations she retaliated after rebuffed Facebook request

A Florida judge has resigned before the resolution of ethics charges alleging she “repeatedly expressed paranoia” and exhibited “inexplicable” and “disruptive” behavior.

Judge Linda Schoonover of the Seminole-Brevard circuit court plans to retire Aug. 31, the Orlando Sentinel reports in storieshere and here.

Schoonover’s resignation letter says she is unable to continue as a judge because of a physical illness. She has been absent from work since mid-April, prompting the chief judge to write Schoonover a letter expressing frustration with lack of information about the reasons for her absence.

Ethics officialsalleged that Schoonover asked for an investigation of her claim that her courthouse office had been bugged and set up a camera to catch the culprits. The footage showed a maintenance crew working on heating and cooling systems.

Schoonover was also accused of retaliating against a divorce litigant who rebuffed her friend request on Facebook.

Schoonover had fought a bid to obtain her Facebook records and for the release of a mental-health examination, the Orlando Sentinel says.

Hat tip to How Appealing. As reported in the ABA Journal.