Positive Teamwork, Positive Atmosphere

When hearing the word “internship,” majority of people automatically assume the intern’s hands will be full of coffee with stacks of paper and they will be picking up lunch for everyone at the office daily. Interning for Larry Rice, I am pleased to say I only fill my own coffee cup and am invited to lunch as often as anyone else in the firm. Most interns probably don’t look forward to going to lunch with their boss, but I can honestly say I absolutely love going to lunch and hearing all the incredibly fascinating stories. (Well, I think they are fascinating, people who don’t want to go to law school might not). Not only can lunch be educational, but I quickly learned how important it is for a firm to work together as a team. The interaction between co-workers creates the atmosphere of an office, which I believe is the glue that holds everything together. Picturing a law firm, especially a divorce law firm, it can be difficult to imagine a positive, happy place with encouraging people who truly care about one another and their clients just as much, but those words could not describe this team any better. I don’t think people realize how a simple hug or “good morning” can make someone’s day better, I know I didn’t until I began my internship and received the hugs and “good mornings,” which I now look forward to every day. Walking through the door on my first day (scared to death of course), I still remember how warm and welcomed I felt, I couldn’t imagine the clients feeling any different. Getting to know everyone in the firm and their journey to where they are now excites me for my future, but knowing I have an incredible group of people to look up to and guide me through this adventure provides comfort beyond words.