Do People Really Make it to Forty Years of Marriage?

To those who work in the family law arena, the idea of “wedded bliss” may not seem like a viable term. We engage all day with people who are facing the worst aspect of marriage – its demise. The effect of this can take its toll and turn even the most open of hearts into the most jaded of hearts toward the institution entirely.

Larry Rice’s experience in working with divorces day in and day out does not seem to have adversely affected his ideas about marriage and it was a privilege this weekend to help celebrate Larry and Joy Rice’s 40th wedding anniversary. Larry surprised Joy with a party at the Peabody Hotel in the very room the two attended their first dance together. Among the many family and friends wishing Larry and Joy a very happy anniversary were members from their wedding party and the person responsible for Larry and Joy’s first date.

It was an evening filled with wonderful conversation, great food and drinks, and dancing to songs spanning the range of their marriage. The night could not have gone better and any worries that Larry had about Joy finding out about the surprise party were all for nothing because Joy was completely surprised as evidenced by the look on her face when she came into the room.

Larry and Joy Rice show that it is possible to happily make it to forty years of marriage. Congratulations Larry and Joy on your first forty years and many happy wishes for your next forty years!