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  • Mediation and other Alternatives to Trial
    Mediation and other Alternatives to Trial

    Normally the parties will try to settle their case. See the section on Marital Dissolution Agreement and Negotiations with Your Spouse. If that does not work, the attorneys will normally try to settle ...

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  • Attorneys Fees
    Attorneys Fees

    The fee varies with the services you require, but it is based on the retainer and the hourly rate set out in the contract you sign, and it is charged in fifteen minute units. The reason I charge in ...

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  • Computers, Internet, and Social Media
    Computers, Internet, and Social Media

    First, you need to set up a new email account to communicate only with your new attorney. Do not communicate with your attorney on a company email or shared email account, as this could waive your ...

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  • Court Appearance- Uncontested
    Court Appearance- Uncontested

    In an uncontested divorce case, the plaintiff needs to appear in court to testify. The defendant needs only appear if it is what he or she wants. Unless it is a divorce on irreconcilable differences, ...

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  • Dealing with your Ex-Spouse
    Dealing with your Ex-Spouse

    After the divorce, you and your ex-spouse will have two separate households. You will have to maintain those two homes on the money with which you maintained one earlier. “Two” cannot live as cheaply ...

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  • Divorce Incident Report
    Divorce Incident Report

    Notes prepared for only my attorney. Not to be shown to anyone else. Protected by attorney-client and work product privilege. DATE OF INCIDENT: DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT: Witnesses: Name: ...

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