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  • Mediation and other Alternatives to Trial
    Mediation and other Alternatives to Trial

    Normally the parties will try to settle their case. See the section on Marital Dissolution Agreement and Negotiations with Your Spouse. If that does not work, the attorneys will normally try to settle ...

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  • Attorneys Fees
    Attorneys Fees

    The fee varies with the services you require, but it is based on the retainer and the hourly rate set out in the contract you sign, and it is charged in fifteen minute units. The reason I charge in ...

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  • Waiting Period
    Waiting Period

    Irreconcilable differences divorce cannot be granted until at least ninety (90) days after filing. This is a minimum interval. My experience indicates a normal interval of about ten (10) days more ...

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  • Support Account Sheet Example
    Support Account Sheet Example

    Expense and Income Statement Wife’s Employment: Wife’s gross salary: _____ Per _____ Net _____ Per _____ Wife’s other income: Husband’s Employment: Husband’s gross salary: _____ Per _____ Net _____ ...

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  • Publications by Larry Rice
    Publications by Larry Rice

    Divorce Practice in Tennessee, PESI, 1987 Divorce Practice in Tennessee, 2nd Edition, PESI, 1987 Family Law, “Clients, Interviews, and Complaints,” TBA, 1988 Winning for Your Client, LEI, 1988 Divorce ...

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  • Private Investigators
    Private Investigators

    Private investigators are professionals that are paid to investigate and testify. In Tennessee they are licensed professionals. They can be the key to success or an expensive dead end. It is important ...

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