Happy Administrative Assistants' Day! Blog by Jennifer Bicknell

It is that time of year again. It is time to celebrate those people at your office who make everything run smoothly. Those who keep everything in the right place because that is where they decided the right place should be. Without these wonderful people, chaos would reign supreme.

So it is time to give some well deserved kudos to the lovely women who keep Rice, Amundsen & Caperton humming along. A major thank you goes to Teresa Brents, Carla Baker, Andrea Schultz, Stacey Pipkin, Cyndy McCrory and Susan New. You all are so good at what you do it makes it look easy, even though we all know it isn’t. Finally, a humongous thank you goes to our receptionist Sharon Beard. We are so thankful you are part of the team. You do so much for every person in this office and you do it with such a great attitude and an incredible sense of humor.

So today (or any day you think about it), be sure to thank the people at your office without whom you would never be as efficient, organized or successful.