Morale at Work: by Jennifer Bicknell

They say in life it’s the little things that matter; and at work that cannot be closer to the truth. If the morale at work is low, people tend to be dissatisfied with more and more. Conversely, if morale is high, people are more willing to work harder to do a good job. I got to thinking about office morale this week. Larry announced that this week was “Doggie Week” at work and we each could to bring our dogs to work for the day. Now, for those who do not know the love of a good dog, this may not sound like that good of an idea, but for 96% of the rest of the readers you understand what I am writing about. We love our dogs and want everyone else to love our dogs. This one gesture got us dog lovers even more excited to come to work on the day we brought our furry baby to work. Remember, it’s the little things. “Doggie Day” just got me thinking about all the other little things that make a big difference at work. Walking by the candy tray and sneaking a Butterfinger, or two; being able to schedule a massage on the firm right about the time law school is getting stressful; being remembered on your birthday; and having Larry make his morning rounds to make sure everyone is ok and that you have everything you need. These are the little things that make people feel appreciated and keeps morale around the office high.