As I reflect… by: Jennifer Biknell

As I reflect on my first days as a new law clerk it occurs to me how little I actually know after a year in law school. Instead of dwelling on what I do not know, however, I will focus on a few of the things I learned in my first days at Rice, Amundsen and Caperton. First, write everything down; as soon as you do not do that you will come to a point where you desperately wish you had. Second, keeping track of time is hard; is seems like it would be easy, but it is not. Third, there probably are stupid questions but ask them anyway; it is the difference between sounding foolish and proving it with foolish mistakes. Fourth, there are a lot of names here that start with “J” or end in some derivative of the “y” sound. But besides these things there is one thing I really would like to know and that is: How do I make the copier three-hole punch my copies?