Our motto at Rice Law is "Simply Tell the Truth." I would like to put a Halloween spin on our motto for the day and say "Make Sure You Are Not Lioning!"

It is possible for a person to ruin a good case by not telling the truth. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do not lie about dating. Although Judges do not like people “fooling around, “ they are not usually too angry when they hear about it. Judges are much more likely to get made if they are being lied to.
  • Lying under oath can result in your going to jail for contempt of court or the crime of perjury.
  • Listen carefully to all questions during a deposition or testimony. Make sure you understand the question, then take your time and answer the question. You cannot give a truthful and accurate answer if you do not understand the question.
  • Do not lie to your attorney. It is important to tell your attorney everything you know even if it is bad for your case or is something you only suspect. If the other side knows something, the information could be used against you, and your attorney needs to be prepared and able to defend you against it.