Managing Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool used by businesses and individuals alike to market themselves to the public. With such easy access to the internet, people can usually find any information they might be seeking with the simple click of a button. Because social media, specifically the internet, is so accessible, it is important to manage what information is out there about you and/or your business.

Law firms, like most businesses, must market themselves in a way that is easily and quickly accessible to the public. It is common for law firms, such as Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, PLLC, to have their own websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc… However, if you are going to use social media as a marketing tool, management is crucial, or else the benefits of social media could backfire.

Because the internet is so widely accessible, the common occurrence of website hacking has become a serious problem in the social media world. There have been countless instances where the websites of businesses and individuals alike have been hacked and information has been changed to mislead the public. What if your website was hacked and you didn’t know it? What if information was changed on your website to create a false representation of you and/or your business? These are serious questions that anyone with a website should keep in mind.

Thus, the importance of social media management becomes crucial. If you own a website for you and/or your business, remember to update it frequently, change the security preferences every now and then, renew the URL, and do whatever it takes to avoid being the victim of a hacker. It could be devastating to have misleading information about you and/or your business on the internet that is so easily accessible to the public.