Beyond the Books: My First Two Months as a Law Clerk

When I began my new job as a law clerk at Rice, Amundsen, & Caperton, PLLC, two months ago, I had never worked in an office, had been inside the Shelby County Courthouse only twice—though I grew up in Memphis—and had had an entire summer to forget what I learned about the law in my 1L year. I suspect that my naivety inspired something less than confidence in my new co-workers. But, as to this I can only speculate because, not once have I experienced anything other than their graciousness, kindness, and patience while I struggled with tasks they could do in their sleep.

In addition to learning how to outwit capricious office equipment while facing a deadline, I’ve learned how to file motions, observed mediation, watched my boss, Larry Rice, argue successfully in court, improved my research skills, drafted letters, and aided in trial preparation.

These first couple months as rookie law clerk on the Rice Law team have been pretty good: I’ve gained invaluable practical experience, wonderful new friends and mentors, and—I’m happy to report—I’ve regained my enthusiasm about becoming a lawyer.