Don't Let Law School Finals or a Divorce Ruin Your Holiday Season

Don’t Let Law School Finals or a Divorce Ruin Your Holiday Season

I am really looking forward to graduating from Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law in May. I am excited to no longer hate November and December because of finals and can’t wait to enjoy the holiday season once again. I am determined to enjoy this holiday season despite the incredible amount of work I have to do to prepare for finals. I have made my “attack plan” and am going to stick to it. Throughout my day-to-day plan I have scheduled in times to relax with my family and do a few of the things I like most about the holidays. The hardest thing is to truly unplug during those times and forget about the stress of finals. That is the challenge I have to meet this year. Thankfully, the attorneys and staff at Rice, Amundsen, and Caperton understand the stress law clerks go through this time of year. I am lucky to work at a law firm that will give me time off to study and support me through finals.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is just not stressful for law students. The holiday season can be an extremely stressful time for families who have gone through or are in the middle of a divorce. There are thousands of articles online that may help families cope with this stress. Whether you are a concerned family member or someone in the family law profession, please take some time to read the articles out there. Your suggestions may help a child have a happy holiday season and that is definitely worth the time. I have included a few links below to some of my favorite articles dealing with divorce and holidays. Enjoy!