The New Electronic Filing System

Starting June 25, 2012, you will no longer have to race to the court house to get your documents filed and stamped by the clerk by 4:30pm. The Circuit Court and Chancery Court of Shelby County will implement a new electronic filing system on June 25th. The web address for the new e-filing website is, There is no fee for setting up a user account on the electronic filing website. Once the electronic filing system is implemented, you will be able to e-file documents until 11:59pm. The new system will send you an email notification every time you file a document. Attorneys can then forward these notifications to their clients in order to keep them informed and up-to-date on their case. Each document you upload to the website to be e-filed cannot be larger than 3mb. You also cannot upload more than five documents at a time. One downside to the electronic filing system is the 2.5% convenience fee that you will be charged each time you e-file documents. This 2.5% fee will be used to pay credit card companies for the fees they charge for using their cards. The court will not make a profit by charging this fee. The new changes will likely take time to get used to, but embracing the changes could lead to a more efficient law practice.