Clerking for a Memphis Divorce Attorney

One of the best parts about practicing law is the people that you practice with. Going to work, especially on a Monday morning, is made less painful when you are greeted with a smile upon entering the door. I am learning a lot about the practical side of the law from working at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, PLLC, however, I think that one part of the firm that deserves attention is the friendly attitude that permeates the office.

Let me be clear, the practice of law warrants having tough skin. The attorneys and staff working at Rice Firm are a force to be reckoned with. But the overall tone at the firm is light hearted and confident. I am sure that there are days when someone wants to bring a troubled home life to work with them, but I have not seen this yet. Having worked in several offices before this one, it is a great relief to see the power of positive thinking in the workplace. A great example of this is that every morning Larry Rice drops by every employee’s desk to ask if they need anything and even “are you happy?” This is always met with a smile and a laugh, but real interpretation is that Mr. Rice really cares about the people that are in his firm and wants them to enjoy the experience.

Another testament to the firm is the interest that both the attorneys and staff have in their work. We all know that the attorneys went to law school for this career, and so they had better love what they do every day. It is a whole other thing to see the support staff really devoted to the profession as well. The attorneys respect the opinions of their assistants and encourage them to participate in discussions. Both attorneys and assistants work together in case meetings to come up with solutions, and it is this cooperation that lends itself to the whole of the firm being invested in a case. It is also one of the many reasons I love coming to work every day.