Clerking at Rice Law: by Tracy Cermak

When I started my job at Rice Law, I knew that I would learn each day what it takes to be successful in family law. My time at the firm has done just that, but I have also learned some unexpected lessons.

During my first few days with the firm, I was surprised to see how technology plays such a large role in the everyday happenings at the law firm. Scanning, burning, Facebook, blogs, PayPal accounts, and iPhones have become a part of my daily routine as a law clerk. Unfortunately, I was also surprised at how technically unsavvy I really am. Within the first week, I had to learn to scan, burn, post blogs, use PayPal accounts, and the finer details of using an iPhone. I had some catching up to do after spending the past 2 years with my nose in a book. I also learned a valuable lesson as to what will happen if you forget to silence your cell phone while participating in a trial.

I not only learned how to perform these tasks, but I have also quickly realized how essential they are.

These tools help to ensure that our clients receive the best possible representation. They keep us organized, educated, and allow us to communicate efficiently and effectively. It is already hard to imagine what we would do without technology at Rice Law. I look forward to learning new skills and coming up with new or better ways to incorporate technology into my daily routine as a law clerk.