Practical Learning Experiences

With school looming in front of me (it begins Monday), I reflect on how much I have learned working at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, PLLC. I have only been with the firm for a month, but already have a much clearer picture of the practice of family law. I also have a better understanding of the practical side of the law, and what it means to really practice. Granted, law school has taught me the book side of the legal profession, and this has helped me a great deal. However, there are many things that school cannot teach. In law school, we learn broad concepts of law. In real life, I have learned the statutes and code provisions I will use every day in a courthouse. Working as part of a firm also teaches valuable organizational skills, drafting ability, and a social awareness of the legal community. Mr. Larry Rice takes time out of his day to teach his law clerks about the hands on practice of law. For this I am very grateful! It is one thing to read in a book how to present an uncontested divorce in court. It is quite another to watch it happen in a courtroom and have your boss explain to you the mechanics of what just took place. I wish that every law student could have the real life experience that I have had; in fact I think it should be a requirement for graduating law school. This ‘clerk education’ is an opportunity of a lifetime.