Clerking at Rice Law: by Chelsea Conn

As finals draw near, we clerks will be taking a leave of absence in order to do our very best on our exams. We will be dedicating days to studying everything from taxes to the Constitution. Next week will mark our final day at work for the Fall Semester. Looking back, I realize how very much I have learned here through the efforts of Larry Rice.

We have been granted every experience he has been able to offer. Through hard times and good, we have only become better students and we will use the skills we have used from this work experience in our challenges as attorneys.

Working and going to school was sometimes a difficult experience. It is often difficult to balance the demands of school and work, but this has been an excellent lesson in time management. We have had so much fun along the way, and we certainly have appreciated everyone’s dedication to helping us navigate our way through the legal process.

I know all of us will miss our work friends, and we appreciate all of their support and understanding during one of the most grueling and difficult semesters yet! I can’t wait until Christmas break when we come back again!