Clerking at Rice Law: by Zoe Sams

When you make mistakes in law school, they are generally of minor importance and only effect the person who made the mistake. If you make a mistake in a paper or misread a question on an exam, you might see a reduction in your grade; however, if you make a mistake in the “real world,” the consequences affect everyone. More importantly, the mistake may affect the client.

Mr. Rice told us that everyone makes mistakes but what matters is how you handle them. The first thing a clerk should do is report the error. It is easier to fix a problem if it is caught early. You can not let the fear of getting into trouble stop you from reporting the mistake. Second, do what needs to be done to fix the error. Ask for help if needed. Third, learn from your mistake and move forward.

As clerks in our first few weeks here at the firm, we have each made mistakes; however, the feeling of inclusion from the entire firm has helped us to work through them and move forward. The firm refers to itself as a team, and it is easy to see why. Each member of the team helps and gives advice whenever possible. Even though we are all new, the firm has made us feel part of the team. We have been included in the firm lunches, outings, and even the firm picture. It is little things like these that make it easier to move past the mistakes and focus on new projects.