Clerking at Rice Law: by Blair Beaty

Over the past few weeks I have been able to see two important sides to being an attorney. First, a divorce attorney must be tough and able to stand up for their client when that client is unable to do so. Secondly, a divorce attorney must be compassionate and understanding of the client’s position and what the client is going through emotionally.

Friday started off with the opportunity to see first-hand how tough and intimidating a lawyer can be by attending motion hearings with Mr. Rice. While opposing counsel began to cry during the hearing, Mr. Rice maintained his ground in a very professional and respectful way, never letting opposing counsel’s actions throw him off his game.

Later that day, I got to witness the compassionate side of being a divorce attorney. A client came to the office for what she thought was a meeting to discuss her case. It was the day before her birthday and the office had purchased a gift for her – a pink tool belt and tool kit! She was so excited when she opened her gift. After the excitement died down a bit, we all sat around and laughed as she told us stories from her day. She told us that coming to the office was “the best part” of her day.
Divorce attorneys must play a very difficult role. When clients walk through our doors, they are at their lowest point and going through one the most difficult times of their lives. Each step of the way can be painful. This week I saw two very different ways an attorney can “be there” for their client. Yes, attorneys must be tough and stand ground for their clients, but they should also take a few moments to be encouraging to their clients. It just may be “the best part” of someone’s day.